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Our shared commitment to societal well-being.

Mental Health

We champion mental health in Australia, supporting tailored services and partnering with healthcare professionals to foster resilience and combat stigma.
Our Mission

Domestic Violence

Passionate about combating domestic violence, Heritage Stone Foundation seeks partnerships for collective action. Your donations will directly fund outreach programs providing shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and education to victims.
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Suicide Prevention

HSF tirelessly works to support mental health, running suicide prevention programs and offering resources. We aim to promote awareness, and empower individuals to seek help
Creating A Voice

Cultural Awareness

HSF promotes cultural diversity in Australia via educational workshops, exchange events, and collaborative projects. We believe in fostering understanding, tolerance, and inclusivity through cultural engagement.
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Female engaging in a therapy session.

Mental Health

Heritage Stone is deeply committed to supporting mental health in the Australian community. Recognising the profound impact of mental health on the overall wellbeing of individuals, Heritage Stone has made it a core focus of its mission. The foundation supports comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of those struggling with mental health issues, aiming to foster resilience, recovery, and overall mental wellness. 

Domestic Violence

Heritage Stone is passionately devoted to combating domestic violence and providing vital support to those affected within our community. We understand that the fight against domestic violence requires collective action and as such, we are reaching out to corporations and organisations who share our vision for a safer, more compassionate society. 

Female counsellor supporting female patient.
Male Therapist providing Mental Health support.

Suicide Prevention

We support various programs aimed at suicide prevention, offering educational resources, counselling services, and community outreach initiatives. By advocating for mental health awareness and providing crucial support networks, Heritage Stone strives to reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage individuals to seek help.

Engagement Programs

Our initiatives include educational workshops, cultural exchange events, and collaborative projects that provide platforms for dialogue and mutual learning. We believe that such cultural engagement strengthens social cohesion, promotes tolerance, and encourages a more inclusive society. 

Community members engaging in an educational workshop.

Providing Crucial Support Networks

By partnering with Heritage Stone, you demonstrate your dedication to social responsibility and contribute meaningfully to the fight against suicide. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.

Your Questions Answered

The latest statistics on mental health in Australia post-COVID-19 reveal a concerning trend. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing (2020-21) reported that 15% of Australians aged 16-85 had experienced mental health issues. In January 2021, 22% of Australians reported their mental health as ‘worse’. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 45% of Australians aged 16-85 years have experienced a mental illness during their lifetime. As a response, the Australian Government doubled the number of Medicare-subsidised psychological therapy sessions per year to 20.

AI and machine learning are being used to improve the detection of suicide risks. This technology is revolutionising the development of suicide screening tools and risk detection systems. AI is also being leveraged to predict potential suicide attempts. For instance, researchers are using AI to identify patterns that might lead to a suicide attempt

Cultural awareness programs in Australia are designed to enhance understanding, respect, and interaction between different cultures. They focus on building organisational capacity to cater to the needs of culturally diverse individuals and communities.

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