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Emergency Respite And Support Services

We play a crucial role in enhancing Residential Respite Care services in Australia, offering much-needed support to both individuals requiring care and their families.

Partnerships with Care Facilities

The Heritage Stone establishes partnerships with residential care facilities to fund respite services.
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Short Term Accommodation

In Australia, the need for short-term accommodation and emergency respite is critical, offering essential relief for caregivers and individuals requiring temporary support due to disability or age-related conditions.
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Respite care is not just about the individual needing care, but also about supporting their families. Heritage provides funding for counselling and support services for families, helping them navigate the challenges.
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We use our platform to advocate for improved respite care services. This involves raising public awareness about the importance of the availabity of emergency respite care.
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Female carer providing support for young girl.

In-Home Respite

At the Heritage Stone, we’re committed to raising awareness and funds for In-Home Respite services in Australia. We use various fundraising methods, like online donations, live auctions, and themed events, to generate the needed resources. Our dedication ensures that those needing care continue receiving it while their usual caregivers take much-needed breaks.

Community Respite

At the Heritage Stone, we’re deeply invested in promoting and funding Community Respite services across Australia. Through a myriad of fundraising initiatives – from online donations to live auctions and themed events – we generate essential resources. This enables us to support facilities that provide structured activities for individuals needing care, thereby offering their caregivers a break. We remain dedicated to ensuring that those requiring care continue to receive it while their usual caregivers get the respite they need.

Female carer engaging in various activities.
Male Patient receiving a visit while staying at a Care Facility

Short Term Accommodation

Heritage Stone is at the forefront of advocating and raising awareness about the need for short-term accommodation in Australia, especially for those in crisis. By providing safe, temporary housing, they address immediate shelter needs while also working to highlight the broader issue of housing insecurity. Their efforts not only offer a lifeline to Australians in need but also contribute to a larger dialogue on sustainable housing solutions.

Emergency Respite Care

At the Heritage Stone, our mission is to advocate for and financially back Emergency Respite Care services across Australia. Our fundraising efforts are diverse, spanning multiple avenues to secure essential resources. This support enables us to bolster facilities that deliver emergency, 24/7 care for individuals who require it, consequently providing their caregivers an urgent break when needed. The Australian government subsidises up to 63 days of approved respite care per person, per financial year, subject to your ACAT/ACAS.

Female Nurse assisting Woman in Hospital for emergency respite care

Australia's Youth Homelessness Crisis

In Australia, youth homelessness is a critical concern, with countless young individuals grappling with unstable living situations.

Your Questions Answered

To access emergency respite care, you should contact My Aged Care, Australia’s starting point on your aged care journey. They can provide information on the types of care available for the elderly and how to receive them. It’s important to remember that the Australian government subsidises a bank of approved respite care per person, per financial year, subject to your ACAT/ACAS.

An ’emergency’ in the context of respite care refers to unexpected situations where a carer may need to take sudden time off from their usual caring duties. This could include scenarios such as the death of a loved one, a major illness or accident affecting the carer, or other unforeseen events that prevent the carer from performing their regular responsibilities.

Respite care provides crucial relief for caregivers, reducing stress and preventing burnout. It preserves relationships by allowing caregivers personal time and helps them maintain employment. Additionally, it offers companionship for the care recipient and rest for the caregiver.

Under the NDIS, respite care is typically funded for up to 14 days, and it’s also referred to as ‘Short Term Accommodation’ (STA). The funding can be used to cover the cost of support and accommodation away from the participant’s usual home. This could include in-home respite, where a support worker comes to the person’s home, or alternative supported accommodation in case of emergencies.

Are you in need of Respite assistance?

We stand firm in our commitment to ensuring those in need continue to receive care while their primary caregivers get the emergency respite they urgently require.